Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Think Rich Quick Cebu details

So here's the details of the event

What: Think Rich Quick Real Estate Workshop by Trace Trajano

Where: Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino  (Here's the Website)

When: January 29 - 30  (8am - 6pm)

Why: To share Quick and Effective Real Estate strategies to people who want quick cash from real estate


3,995 php for both days - Early bird rate (From December 11-22 only)*

(4,995 php is the usual price for Think Rich Quick Seminar in Manila but we're dropping down the price by 1K for CEBU!)

price will increase by 1,000 php after December 22

your ticket will include free lunch for both days.

Ticket Discount?

Invite people to join the event & we'll return 300 php per person you invite.
So if you invite atleast 13 people, you'll get your money back! (300 php * 13 people = 3,900 php)

This is a once in a lifetime event for people who really wants to be in real estate business! I don't know if there will be another Think Rich Quick seminar in Cebu after this one so I'm telling you to grab this very rare opportunity.I'm sure you don't wan't to miss this event.

CLICK HERE to reserve a seat!!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Reserve a seat NOW!

Think Rich Quick Cebu is just 2 months away. Everybody's talking bout it, Inquiries are going crazy so I'm having a reservation link for everyone who really wants to join the seminar in Cebu.

CLICK HERE to reserve a seat!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Think Rich Quick freebies!!!

Before we get down to the details of TRQ in 2011, Let me give you a pre celebration gift. This will be just the pre-appetizer for TRQ Cebu.

We're giving away FREE Ebooks to people who will subscribe in this website. Here are the books:

1.) Rich Dad Poor Dad by Rober Kiyosaki.

2.) Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Before you go and read the books.

Subscribe Here For FREE!! :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Think Rich Quick Seminar Cebu!

It's ON! Real Estate Guru Trace Trajano will visit Cebu in January 2011! He will be having his first TRQ (Think Rich Quick) Seminar outside Luzon. I recommend that you should get this chance to learn different & EFFECTIVE real estate techniques / strategies in 2 days! Just like the previous TRQ seminars, this will be action-packed and at the same time a fun experience for everyone. 

Here are the Highlights of the first Think Rich Quick Seminar

-Will Abriza sold a condo in 6 days and made P69,000

-Jay Villar and Mic Mejia sold a condo in 10 days and made P75,000

-Jay Castillo and his teammates sold a foreclosed house in Maia Alta in Antipolo in just 7 days and made P140,000

-Grace Pekson raised P1.65 Million in capital for a real estate deal in just 24 hours

-Ebb Ryan had no rich friends, relatives and colleagues and yet he raised P1.5 Million in capital for a real estate deal in just 21 days

-Doctora Joy Holgado and her teammates - none of whom are real estate agents - and yet they leased 3 apartment units in just 3 weeks (that’s 1 apartment door every 7 days)
and many more!

 TRQ 2 is ongoing and I'm sure there will be a lot of surprises in this batch!

See you there!
For  Early reservations, Details/Inquiries:

Call/Text : 09321469535(SUN)

Gab Arboleda
Marketing Manager,Ethos Real Estate

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